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Birthday Organizer Theme Party Planner Delhi

About Birthday Oye

What is a more exciting event for your child than a birthday? Therefore, you definitely need an event planner for your birthday party. Birthday Oye is here to make this event the last in their memory.

This is where we can help you! As birthday party planners, we can hold better events on a smaller budget while always receiving to create those precious memories.

birthday decor

When we all host a birthday party, we all want to make it stand out and perfect. Birthday Oye is an experienced player in this field and, as a highly professional organizer in Jaipur, Delhi and Noida, understands these small but important emotions.

That's why we stand out by treating individual customers with individual attention and customized solutions. Every event is different, and our decorations are different.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the top birthday organizer that understands the transformative power of birthday celebrations and inspiring moments of joy and happiness in one’s life.

Also, we strive to provide services that meet or exceed our customers' expectations and requirements in terms of quality, delivery and cost.

Our Mission

At Birthday Oye, our mission is to develop a clear vision of what our clients want to achieve and to realize that vision using our expertise and experience in innovative ideas, event management and birthday party planning services to help you create and implement a complete solution.

Our Goal

Quality is our goal because we believe that a well-defined quality control policy will help us align our operations with the highest hygiene and safety standards.

Our Team

At Birthday Oye, our experienced team will help you! We have a solid track record of creating innovative and trendy parties and events.

We are worried about working with the best suppliers in the industry to make guesswork, surprise you and create great events for guests to talk about them over the years to come. Relax and let our team work hard.

That way, you can spend more time enjoying the party and less time planning and organizing. Contact Birthday Oye to talk to our team members today for more information.

Theme parties

Celebrate your child's special occasion and the splendour of nature with a fun and theme-based party. Our experts give your children and your guests the opportunity to enjoy by providing the theme party as per their demands.

birthday decor

Themes such as Disney Princess and superheroes are very popular and always in fashion. Start by choosing a special theme for your birthday party at Birthday Oye.

A.)  1st Birthday Theme

B.)  Boys Theme

C.)  Girls Theme

D.)  Customize Theme


Our Games and Activities

Games and activities are designed to provide guests with the opportunity to get to know each other and have fun. Such games and activities for kids turn into a great icebreaker.

games and activity

At Birthday Oye, party games such as "Animal Party Games" and "Memory" allow our team to put them into various party themes while adding great excitement to the party itself.

Tattoo Artist | Game Coordinator | magic show |Air walker mascot | puppet show | Air Hockey | Ailr Walker | Angry Bird Game | Airt & Craft |Bouncy | Cotton Candy Floss Counter | Kids Zone Aera on Rent  |Pottery Painting | Kids table & cheir | Popcorn Machine | Train Kids | Columbus ride |Wax Hand Art | Ball Pool | Dart Game | Spin The Wheel Game  |Bubble ACT Show | Bull Ride | Bungee Jumping |Buzz The Wire

Catering Services

Birthday Oye also offers catering services. When it comes to food, we offer a wide variety of delicious food options.

Rice catering pulav

To provide the best catering service, our catering team has the hands of experts to prepare spicy and delicious food for your party. What are you waiting for? Experience the delicacy of our dishes.

Photography services

If you need the best photographers and videographers, consider our professionals. Birthday Oye offers professional and excellent photography services and ideas that meet all your requirements and expectations.

Birthday Party Photography Baby Boy

We guarantee professionalism so you can get the best pictures of all your important moments. Get a professional photo and video service provider from us.

Venue selection services

Looking for a party venue? Birthday Oye also helps clients choose the best location for their events. We inevitably help our clients choose an age-appropriate venue for children and their friends attending the party out of a wide variety of available venue options.

If your child is very young, an indoor location is best. On the other hand, older children can choose a playground, yard, or any outdoor location. Contact Birthday Oye now and get the best venue for your event.

Foreign Artist Management

Birthday Oye is the most popular birthday planner in organizer in Jaipur, Delhi and Noida, specializing in hosting more fun and enjoyable birthday parties to the point where you can keep your kids active.

That's why we're hosting a birthday event that looks out of the world by managing foreign presenters, artists, and almost everything. In addition, we ensure that your child's party is a perfect success and will be talked about for years to come.

Light and DJ Services

With professional lighting and DJ setup, you'll have access to a great ambience for your party and music to complement your party and make it a fun and beautiful moment.

Dj Light & Sound

At Birthday Oye, we provide the best light and DJ service and provide parties with high quality and comprehensive lightning and musical experience.

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