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Birthday Organizer Theme Party Planner Gurgaon

Author : Rajat Singh     |   Posted on : March 1, 2022 12:00 AM

Birthday Organizer Theme Party Planner Gurgaon

About Birthday Oye

Birthday Oye is the most famous birthday party planning company in Gurgaon, which can help you organize a themed birthday party within your budget.

Whether you are holding a surprise birthday party for your loved one or your prince or princess of the night, we will arrange your party from scratch, including decoration, catering, lighting, music, artist management and many more.

We will do our best to ensure you have a stress-free experience. As the best birthday planner in Gurgaon, we will do our best to plan a birthday decoration party for children and adults.

birthday decor

As the leading birthday planner in Gurgaon, we have years of experience in this field. Therefore, you can count on us to make your birthday party a good experience with us.

As the organizer of the best birthday parties in Gurgaon, we also plan everything from choice of venue and decoration, fun birthday games, look catering, return of gifts and much more.

Our Mission

To become a leading global event management company that provides high quality and value-creating services with a focus on the uniqueness and privacy of the customer's project.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the market leader in the event management sector from a global perspective by exceeding customer expectations in quality and service and gaining operational expertise in the supply chain - a state-of-the-art technology.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make your birthday special. Therefore, we plan your child's birthday party in such a way that you get full-time entertainment.

Our business area is to decorate birthday parties, present birthday artists and organize children's activities. At the theme party, the birthday planners' specialities will show up.

Our Team

At Birthday Oye, our passionate event management team strives to build strong relationships with all customers and suppliers to provide an unsurpassed experience achieved by ensuring comfort and peace of mind at all levels.

Every event we hold is for you and us. With a strong team of people and a large knowledge base in the event industry, Birthday Oye makes your birthday event a great success, regardless of size.

Theme parties

At Birthday Oye, we can help you choose the theme you want for your party and even transform a warm, simple and memorable party with the best decorations. You will receive high-quality service at the highest prices.

Birthday Decor

With us, you will enjoy a long-lasting party in your heart as the best birthday party decoration ever.

A.)  1st Birthday Theme

B.)  Boys Theme

C.)  Girls Theme

D.)  Customize Theme

Fun and Activities

We, at Birthday Oye, give vent to the fact that we enjoy planning fun activities for kids and adults because we possess experience in planning and executing such party events.

Games and activity

Therefore, move ahead unhesitatingly and hire us at Birthday Oye to make your children’s birthday an extraordinary event.

Tattoo Artist | Game Coordinator | magic show |Air walker mascot | puppet show | Air Hockey | Ailr Walker | Angry Bird Game | Airt & Craft |Bouncy | Cotton Candy Floss Counter | Kids Zone Aera on Rent  |Pottery Painting | Kids table & cheir | Popcorn Machine | Train Kids | Columbus ride |Wax Hand Art | Ball Pool | Dart Game | Spin The Wheel Game  |Bubble ACT Show | Bull Ride | Bungee Jumping |Buzz The Wire

Catering Services

At Birthday Oye, we strive to provide you with the best catering services for your birthday party. We always work indefinitely, so you only get the best.

Rice catering pulav

Our catering is led by an in-house catering team who are experts in all aspects. We guarantee a refreshing taste to your taste buds, from appetisers to desserts.

Photography Services

Get a professional and personal style with us, capture your memories and preserve them forever. We can make it perfect for you.

Birthday Photography baby boy

Birthday Oye offers the best photography services for your birthday party.We have a team of experienced photographers who can capture your moments incredibly.

Venue Selection Services

We offer the best venue options for holding birthday parties. There are many fun places for young children, especially girls, who are obsessed with sweet and fluffy things that can be played for hours.

Most indoor spaces have a separate kitchen or shed where you can store birthday cakes and other goodies. Some places offer meals as part of the offer. This is usually paid according to the number of guests participating.

Foreigner Artist Management Services

Are you looking for foreign artists to make your birthday party fun and amazing? Well, it was your beloved's day and you were born!

Then it definitely needs a festive time. As a provider of the best foreign artist management services for birthday parties, we love to arrange foreign artists for your parties.

Sound and Lighting Services

At Birthday Oye, sound and lighting services come with the complete professional equipment you need.

Light And Sound

With professional lighting and sound services, you do not have to worry about acquiring all the equipment to create the lightning ambience and arranging a DJ of the highest quality.

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