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Birthday Organizer Theme Party Planner Noida

Author : Rajat Singh     |   Posted on : March 1, 2022 12:00 AM

Birthday Organizer Theme Party Planner Noida

About Birthdayoye

Birthday Oye is one of the best birthday party organizers specializing in planning and executing magical and fun parties. Our event is a handmade concept that is realized with a fun and exciting theme.

We offer experience-based ideas that start the design story from party invitations to the moment when guests join the party and leave with lots of happy memories and dazzling experiences. Birthdayoye makes bedtime stories and dreams come true and brings lively characters and adventures.

Net decor

We offer a variety of services, including games and activities that everyone can enjoy and take home, the hottest photography and interactive installation, a playful and fun menu that is sweet and airy, especially for kids. From personalized birthday invitations, designs, decorations, party settings and plans to themed gifts, Birthdayoye does it all!!

Our Vision

Birthdayoye's vision is to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty; we provide a unique personalized experience that exceeds expectations and consistently provide unique services that create an outstanding overall event experience in the long run. Build a relationship of loyalty.

Our Mission

With our goal of providing an appetizing experience for our customers, our mission is to guarantee the highest specifications and standards of hygiene and safety commitments. We are synonymous with quality, reliability and unrivalled professionalism, along with unprecedented support.

Our Goal

Birthdayoye have been in the event management industry for years and are now adventuring as an event planner for birthday parties. Our goal is to make your event the best because we know that things can be done, but the memories last forever.

Our team

Birthdayoye is one of the leading birthday organizing companies with a team of professionals with years of experience in this field. With the aim to deliver the event whose memories last forever, our teamwork by creating and delivering unforgettable experiences and providing world-class event services.

Our Theme based parties

Many birthday parties these days are based on a theme culture. All decorations and food are given a specific theme. Therefore, hiring a professional birthday party planner like Birthdayoye can give you unique birthday theme ideas.

These days, the most popular children's birthday themes are barbies, animals, Lego, princesses, superheroes, harry potters, pictogram themes, or nautical themed birthday parties.

theme party ideas

Choose Birthdayoye to organise the theme based birthday parties. We will make decorations and cakes according to the theme.

A.)   1st Birthday Theme

B.)  Boys Theme

C.)  Girls Theme

D.)  Customize Theme

Our Games and Activities

If your child is a little boy or girl, fancy a birthday party without games and activities is all black. After all, kids tend to play games naturally, and on this wonderful day, most kids and adults are very excited about the board games and activities they enjoy at parties.

games and activity

Therefore, making a variety of party games available will further expand the fun and entertainment of your party. So, to help kids get the most out of their party, Birthdayoye arranges the most popular funny games and activities for parties, birthday parties, events and family days for kids and adults.

Tattoo Artist | Game Coordinator | magic show |Air walker mascot | puppet show | Air Hockey | Ailr Walker | Angry Bird Game | Airt & Craft |Bouncy | Cotton Candy Floss Counter | Kids Zone Aera on Rent  |Pottery Painting | Kids table & cheir | Popcorn Machine | Train Kids | Columbus ride |Wax Hand Art | Ball Pool | Dart Game | Spin The Wheel Game  |Bubble ACT Show | Bull Ride | Bungee Jumping |Buzz The Wire

Catering Services

Catering is required for all kinds of events, including birthday parties. You don't want to be involved in cooking throughout the party. It is important to have a good catering service to support your efforts.

rice catering pulav

Birthday Oye knows how important it is and offers the best catering service ever. We offer a wide range of catering-related services. Birthdayoye strives to offer the best and most delicious meals and dishes for the party.

Photography services

As a photo and videography provider for your birthday party, we offer the best photography services to capture the party moments perfectly.

It is advisable to hire a photography expert for this so that you do not miss the moment between them. Our Photographers and videographers are always around you, so make sure you know them.

photography candid baby boy

Birthdayoye has a team of professional photographers so as to capture each and every beautiful memory of your birthday party.

Venue Selection Options

Finding the right venue for your loved one or your child's birthday party can be a daunting task, especially if you have no previous experience. Fortunately, Birthdayoye is one of the most popular birthday party organizers in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon and has many great options when choosing a venue for your birthday party.

foreigner artist management

want to hire international artists, including pantomime artists, puppet shows, tattooists, magicians, game hosts, party designers, and cartoonists, for your birthday parties?

Birthdayoye offers the best foreign artist management services for kids and adults. That's why the Birthdayoye introduces you to the best kid's party artists from around the world.

These artists can be found online on our website. So if you are looking for a birthday party foreign artist or kids party artist for a birthday or event, we will offer you the best price.

Lights & Sounds 

Set up birthday DJs and sounds, play and manage music is the best way to do any event is professional work.

You can play the music yourself, but it's more important to be a DJ than to pick and play a song. Also, making lighting arrangements for creating an amazing ambience is quite daunting.

light and sound

You can choose our professional lights and sound services to create magical memories at your party and attract your audience.






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